About 3 weeks I met someone with whom I believe I share a spiritual connection. I cannot explain it in words. Freud came close when he described this type of feeling as uncanny – strange or mysterious, esp. in an unsettling way. And Carl Jung helped me understand how we met when he in turn coined the phrase synchronicity – the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Well what am I going on about here?

Let me take you back to the days of SABC1’s Simunye Grooves days. Angela Ludek was one of the original presenters during programming. And she later moved to Goodhope FM, also owned by the SABC. She has worked with Lovelife organisation in the past to raise awareness on safer sexual relationships between young people. At the time she was at Goodhope FM, she was based in Cape Town, although she is Joburg-born and bred. I had just interviewed Jeannie D, one of the young new stars in the South Africa media landscape. So I got an invite to the launch of a new television commercial directly supervised by the now infamous Pop Idols judge, Randall Abrahams.

Here I was at the Hemisphere nightclub, on the 30th floor of a building in the Cape Town. And surrounded by many beautiful women, lots of alcohol, music and mayhem. And like her on-air nickname, WildAngel, Angela stepped into my reality. It was like everything was suddenly going into slow motion around me. And we connected on a very weird and surreal vibrational level – everything else was blocked out for a few seconds. I’m not talking about a soul mate or anything with a romantic connotation because I see myself as a pragmatist when the opposite sex always. The next day we bumped into each other – conveniently at the coffee shop next door to the SABC building in Seapoint, where Goodhope FM broadcasts from. I was with friends and conveniently found myself being in the perfect spot when Angela came running in to collect two coffees for her and her on-air partner, Cat or Catherine Kastrells. Without hesitation she gave me great big hug. I was speechless to say the least because it all happened so quickly this time around – there was no slow motion Matrix-like time frame. Next thing I know she was gone, out the door and back on-air.

Fast forward 4 years from 2005 to 2009. Guess who tracks me down, and calls me? The very same Angela Ludek is now at Radio 2000 (also owned by SABC) presenting the breakfast show on the weekend. Her producer arranges for me to do an interview on a Sunday morning about Taoism – a philosophical and sometimes spiritual belief system originating in China about 6th century BC. Along with Confucianism, Taoism has shaped Chinese life and attitudes for over 2000 years. We engaged in a wonderful discussion about the basic principles and I quoted a few lines from the Tao Te Ching. After the interview we had a private conversation off-air and agreed to get together.

This past weekend I finally met with Angela. She was her fun, vibrant, energetic self, just the way I remember her from her television presenter days. And she had so much warmth and exuded a wonderful energy, an openness to exploring new ideas. We had a deep meta-physical discussion about yin-yang polarities, male-female energies, and how they have manifested in this 21st century we find ourselves living in. This was important for me because I now realise that your intention can manifest in the most unexpected ways. Maybe we were brother and sister in a past-life if you believe in reincarnation. On the other hand maybe we vibrate at the same frequency in this holographic universe. There is now an uncanny relationship between how sub-atomic articles behave and the most intense stars – white dwarfs, black holes, etc. And I see this occurrence as something that resembles the forces of fate or destiny – even if Neo doesn’t believe it because I like the idea of not being in control – I on the other hand cannot fully explain these events. It’s like a dream and I’m still scratching my head when I reflect back on the very small dots being connected between me and Angela.

You can tune into Angela’s show on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am-9am on Radio 2000 www.radio2000.co.za

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