My friend Anthony Larter sent me this on email. Even though I’ve never been to Australia I’m posting this message because over 100,000 people have been affected by these floods. South African weather bureau has also predicted floods in different parts of South Africa. Someone on Twitter recently mentioned 2010 was the hottest and wettest year in the history of the world – it’s probably better to say since weather patterns have been recorded in the last few 100 years or so. So many South Africans live in Australia, I’m sure some of them are affected.

My friend, Ryan created this video last night as an appeal to YouTube to donate all the revenue earned by the advertisements they force us to watch when opening a YouTube video. Since there are hundreds of videos arriving on YT from the Queensland floods, we thought that we’d appeal to them to donate all the money to the Premier Flood Appeal account. We’re hoping that by sending this video around to everybody
we know (even if they don’t live in Australia or are affected) so that we can get as many views as possible, so they take notice.

Please help out our Australian friends by forwarding this link to everyone you know.

Make a donation directly to Premier Flood Relief for Queensland here…