Reuel Leach reviews Conquer CyberOverload

This week my friend Reuel Leach, who first published this report on Cellular Costs in South Africa, reviews a book sent me a while ago. We both are avid users of technology and enjoy helping people get more from real life, and technology second.

  • Book Title: Conquer Cyber Overload
  • Author: Joanne Cantor Ph.D
  • ISBN 9780984256808
  • Finished reading 29 June 2011

Joanne has addressed one of the almost incurable diseases of our time: addiction to technology, the very thing we thought would make life easier and save us time has become a major burden and is affecting our mental and physical health. Joanne explains how the mind works and explains that multi tasking is maybe not as good as we think it to be. She also explains how this cyber overload is affecting our relationships long term. I believe we should all create a code of ethics or rules for ourselves and she gives us useful guidelines to do so to help create a more balanced individual and family. We need to educate both children and adults on this subject. In fact this should be a subject that should be included in the curriculums at school. I highly recommend this book. Its short, concise and made for those who find themselves very busy and have little or no time to read. After all, time is the most valuable asset we have. Every second we waste of our lives is wasted forever.

Reuel Leach, is available as a speaker at your next conference. To book him simply send your request through our contact page.


BBM vs. WhatsApp: A Mobile IM Comparison

High cost of cellular network services such as SMS, voice calls and multimedia messaging has led a significant number of people to seek out other alternatives to be able to communicate with one another in any parts of the globe. Luckily, the internet showed answers to this matter. Chatrooms social networking sites and instant messaging services allowed virtually free conversation by merely using a PC with an internet connection. However, the innovation did not stop there. Instant messaging (IM) is now available in the comforts of your own mobile devices and there are also mobile IM comparisons to help you in deciding the best IM service.

Instant messaging through mobile phones and other handheld devices has become a blockbuster success especially among the young people as shown in mobile IM product comparisons. This mobile IM comparison will share the cool features of two popular instant messaging applications trending on numerous mobile IM product comparisons which are the Blackberry Messaging service (BBM) and WhatsApp.


BlackBerry Messenger BBMThe Blackberry Messaging Service or most commonly known as BBM is very popular in mobile IM product comparisons. Also, it is exclusive to Blackberry phone users only. The exclusivity mainly relies on the fact that one can only create a BBM account through a unique alphanumeric PIN that is assigned to each individual Blackberry device. You could add BBM contacts by typing their PIN code, e-mail address, phone number or name. Another cool way to add contacts is by taking a snapshot of another Blackberry unit’s unique barcode. This feature is a big plus as discussed in mobile IM product comparisons

BBM users enjoy a lot of great features shown in mobile IM product comparisons such as fully customizable profile pictures, threaded chat interface, setting your status for your contacts to see and tons of emoticons and graphics. It is also possible to send pictures or voice notes through BBM. The best feature stated in various mobile IM product comparisons is that it comes practically free when the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) is availed of. This service is practically the winner on most mobile IM product comparisons.


WhatsApp messenger smartphonesWhatsApp messenger is a mobile phone instant messaging application that works quite like BBM in terms of allowing its users to send and receives text messages without having to pay for the network operator’s SMS charges. As stated in mobile IM product comparisons, it is a good thing that it can be available in different platforms such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Android. As such, WhatsApp users are capable of reaching more people as shown on majority of mobile IM product comparisons.

WhatsApp can be used by using either the mobile network’s internet service or by WiFi. This makes this service virtually free of charge. Aside from text messages, you could also send photos, videos and audio messages as well. Another cool feature of this application, as given in various mobile IM product comparisons, is that you could also broadcast your location to your contacts by virtue of GPS technology. Moreover, you could say goodbye to adding your contacts manually because it is done automatically by searching your phonebook for contacts who is using the WhatsApp service. These features score well on mobile IM product comparisons


To conclude this mobile IM comparison, it can be said that IM can be a great help to business or leisure. It could also bring people closer no matter how great their distance is from one another. As trendy as it is, it could never be a better alternative to what personal conversation provides in social interaction no matter what it is said on various mobile IM product comparisons. When using BBM or WhatsApp, you should always observe self-control in order to avoid addiction which could ultimately result to degradation of personal communication skills. Further, it is always a good idea to look at more mobile IM comparisons to see what will provide you with the best IM service, as shown in this mobile IM comparison.


Talent paying the price for crime

Chad Saaiman R&B singerIt came as a blow when we learned about the botched hijacking in Johannesburg of R&B singer Chad Saaiman yesterday. This is sadly a common occurrence in Gauteng where about 50% of South Africa’s crime takes place . Still, knowing it happened to a soulful singer, who moved from Cape Town, to seek fame and fortune in Joburg, is sad indeed. He is one of the few South African artists whose style and music appeals to a broad cross section of society.  It is quite ironic that this should happen to Chad, who moved to a new city for better prospects, only to have his dreams almost shattered by this crime.

Everyone in South Africa is sick and tired of the high levels of crime in our country. It affects all of us directly or indirectly in some way. Thousands of people from all backgrounds live in fear of their safety on a daily basis. One wonders what other effects does this out of control crime has on our national psyche and progress as a developing country. Crime prevention groups from poor and rich backgrounds work together with the police to curb crime and yet results are slow. Community policing forums have gone a long way to help boost the crime fighting. We commend  ordinary heroes who help to bring crime down on a daily basis, as demonstrated statistically on the SAPS website where crime has decreased from the 2009 to the 2010 period.

However, car-jackings continue being the highest level in the city of Johannesburg, compared to major cities across the country. Although car-jacking reports went down from 2009, this number is still high. This is worrisome, as Johannesburg is the economic centre of South Africa. Car-jacking occurs the most in the Gauteng province, with 53% of all car-jackings during the April 2009 to March 2010, followed by KZN with 27% and with the Western Cape as the fifth most at 0.4%. In Johannesburg central, car-jacking is at 127 during 2009-2010 and at 10 in Cape Town central during the same period. There are even truck hi-jackings in Johannesburg but none in Cape Town over the past 7 years. Both cities have a high level of poverty, so I assume it is the culture of bling in Johannesburg and the need for status that is spurring young men to commit these heinous crimes.

Something really needs to be done to curb the level of car-jackings in an internationally recognised city such as Johannesburg. This event might deter future international investors from our entertainment industry. Artists such as Beyonce exposed our dance culture on an international level, by using pantsula moves and South African dancers on her latest music video. It is a concept new and fresh to the international music community. We hope that this incident won’t deter artists such as Beyonce from collaborating with local artists like Chad Saaiman.


Additional reporting by Domelia Kiewiet.


Investigative Reporter interviews Thomas Jefferson!


When: Wednesday, June 15, 7-8 PM, Eastern Time


Scholar Clay Jenkinson, who has portrayed, with stunning accuracy, Thomas Jefferson, in venues all over the world, will assume the identity once more, for a sit-down interview with Jon Rappoport, Pulitzer-nominated reporter.

“Mr. Jefferson,” in character, will answer Jon’s questions about life in 2011, from his 18th-century perspective.

“I wish we had three hours,” Jon stated, “but we’ll squeeze in everything we can in one hour.”

What is Jefferson’s view of where America has gone in two centuries? Is it still a Republic? Should it be? How can a Constitution designed to fit fewer than three million citizens apply to a population of 300 million? Do even the rights and powers of individual states make sense, when one state, California, has 37 million residents? What about the national health-care plan? The state of public education? Mega-corporate influence? Two political parties with common agendas? The military-industrial complex? The Federal Reserve? Invasive surveillance?

The questions pile up.

This will be an intriguing and riveting hour of radio-a unique experience.

To pick up the show live: and click on “listen live.” To access the show in the archive, and scroll down to The Jon Rappoport Show.

Clay Jenkinson is the director of the Dakota Institute and the founder of the Theodore Roosevelt Center. A humanities scholar, he is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Thomas JeffersonHour.

Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 35 years. He has published articles on politics, health, and media for LAWeekly, CBS Healthwatch, Spin Magazine, Stern, and is the author of Logic and Analysis, a course for high-school students.


iWeek 2011 registration open

The Internet Service Providers’ Association of South Africa (ISPA) and UniForum SA (the administrators) are pleased to announce the 10th iWeek annual conference to be held from 21 – 23 September 2011 at Royal Elephant, Eldoraigne, Centurion, South Africa.

2011 Commemorates a number of key milestones including iWeek’s 10th birthday, ISPA’s 15th anniversary and the 10th birthday of the Teachers’ Training initiative.

The last year has seen enormous political and social changes in many parts of the world.  Speakers and industry experts from six continents will provide answers and insights into: “How the Internet has changed societies”.

Topics as diverse as the underground economy, open spectrum, challenges of scaling, social networking and eLearning will be addressed.

We are also honoured to be hosting the second meeting of the International Internet Industry Alliance (IIIA) as part of this year’s annual event, as well as the WAPA general meeting.

iWeek 2010 is a free conference, and most of the proceedings are open to anyone involved in the Internet industry.

You are encouraged to register for this conference at your earliest convenience at.  A draft programme is available on the site.

Potential sponsors can contact Elaine Zinn at or telephone 010 500 1200 / +27 83 327 4806 or visit  There are numerous options to suit the “pocket”.

Please share this notification with your staff members and other interested parties.  We look forward to welcoming you to iWeek 2011.