A read of this blogged emailed me back in February 2011 about wanting help. He felt lost and didn’t know what to do with the rest of his life. After replying to his request I’ve not heard from him since. It’s become very clear to me that many people asking for help want validation or sympathy rather than taking responsibility for their situation. Taking responsibility is being active step in making a change in your situation.

Here is his original email requesting help.

From: Siduduzo

Since you a motivational speack i thought you might help me on this…….i’m 22 and should have a diploma by now, but sadly i don’t i only have matric,and to be honest i don’t know what i want to do with my life as a matter of fact i don’t know where my potantial lys? i was wiling you could help me? i’ll take any recomendation comning from you….. you can even give me a quize to test where my potantial lies

— end question

Anyway if you feel the same as this young person, complete this personality test and send me the results. After that I’ll advice on you how to narrow your focus. The understanding of who you are, and your own personality is key to making decision on your future.