Social network interview about Facebook
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Every now and then students contact me while doing research on articles I’ve written on this blog or interviews published on my work. So this one started out very interesting although the eventual questions were not asking the right questions I believe. Student Request I’m studying journalism at Stellenbosch University, and have to write an

New look Gmail
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Gmail is the most powerful email application on the planet. It revolutionised how people use web-based email. For many years email users relied on either Microsoft Outlook or some software application to download emails daily, send and receive, etc. Hotmail became a hot property when Microsoft purchased it in the 1990s. However, spammers soon began

Social media goes mainstream in South Africa
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Recently World Wide Worx, one of our partner companies, released the definitive study on the social media landscape in South Africa. Instead of simply republishing the press release with the research findings, I also include a short email interview with the co-author, Mike Wronski. The questions we answer in the report deal with the specific

Window above the Brain
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This week we have another guest post from Jon Rappoport, creator of the Logic & Analysis course. WINDOW ABOVE THE BRAIN AND THE MAGIC THEATER –for Tim Leary, after reading his autobiography, Flashbacks– OCTOBER 31, 2011. I have written essays that make it clear the brain can’t be the seat of thought if you want