Ron Paul proves the power of Internet
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Ron Paul discusses Net Neutrality, government regulation of movies and entertainment industry. He has a unique appeal to young people in America and has garnered great support from the grassroots supporters over the Internet.  

Beware: Top 10 Internet scams
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This article has been republished from The Star newspaper, Johannesburg. Ramon Thomas will be speaking on Channel Islam on Sunday, 18 March 2012 at 10h30 discussing solutions based on 19 years of experience on the Internet. The more advanced the technology, it seems, the more imaginative the con. Unless you’re a recluse with no internet,

Material is Magical movie for the new Millennium
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Material is in a class of its own because it fusses so many different genres successfully. Oscar winning “Tsotsi” gave the world a peak into South African thug-life life on the streets of Johannesburg. Material is strong for very different reasons. The characters are quirky, sometimes funny and almost magical in their qualities. Ronnie Apteker,

TED Ed launches with Two Questions
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Yesterday TED Conferences announced the launch of “TED Ed”. This is new series of talks focussed on education. As regular readers no this blog knows, our focus at the Ramon Thomas Training Corporation is directly related to education. Over the last 5 years we have spoken at over 200 schools and conferences across South Africa.

Should sms while driving be banned?
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A ban on texting while driving comes into force Thursday in Pennsylvania, but remains legal in some other US states. Do you agree with a ban? Over 96% of people voting of a online poll on the Guardian UK’s website agreed texting must be banned completely when driving. My own experience is almost hypocritical as

Chip Conley: Measuring what makes life worthwhile
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Recently my guest lecturing slot at Stenden SA, the leading hospitality management or hotel school in South Africa, was confirmed. In preparation for a week of lectures I started doing research on my favourite resources, and found this gem. His reference to Abraham Maslow and the application in business alone is worth watching this