Ramon Thomas

Ramon Thomas is a Internet privacy advocate in South Africa. He works with teenagers, teachers, parents and professionals on how to increase online safety and protect their identity on the Internet. He's available to speak to your group or organisation by call his office +27 081 4399 555.

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  1. Arthur Charles Van Wyk
    Arthur Charles Van Wyk 28 Apr 2012 at 8:24 AM .

    I’m sure like myself, you have had a Facebook profile for a loooooong time. In the early days of Facebook it wasn’t as exciting as it is now. I remember a time when I yearned to connect with more ordinary South African people on Facebook and not just geeks and tech/marketing types. Simply put, Facebook wasn’t as interesting as it is today. And Facebook “opened up” after we all already had Myspace profiles.

    Why then do we judge Google+ by the same yardstick we would Facebook when the social network is only a year old. Nobody even mentions the fact that Google plus is growing a lot faster than facebook did when that social network was 1 year old – after it opened up.

    On the flipside, if you’re in marketing you probably put a lot of emphasis on your “findability” in the Google search engine. With Google owning Google+ I would imagine that it won’t be long before the content you share on Google+ will push rankings through the roof. Even if it doesn’t do that, just the volume of content you have and share on the social network WILL influence your indexing in the search engine positively. So if Google+ does nothing else, my money is on findability in the search engine, and that’s something Facebook with its closed architecture can’t do.

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