If you run a business that uses online marketing, you’re a smart person. Maintaining strong online marketing tactics is key to growing your business and making more money. Online marketing is a science, and if you use it effectively there are incredible rewards. You may end up being as successful as Ken Fisher one day! But online marketing isn’t as simple as running a blog or trying to improve your search engine optimization. Plenty of companies use online marketing the wrong way, and in turn hurt their business. Be sure that you aren’t one of those companies, and make sure that you avoid any marketing tactics that could hurt your business.

Don’t Be Without a Strategy

Simply generating content and throwing it up all over the web isn’t a great idea. Just like any marketing venture, you must have a well thought out plan for success. Simply paying for a banner ad on a random website won’t increase your business, and if you expect it to you’re in for some cold, hard truth. Study effective online marketing strategies so you can develop a strategy that will help you reach your goals. That way, you’ll be able to easily track results and see what’s working and what isn’t. Strategy is the key to success, and without it, you may be wasting money.

Don’t Bombard 

It can be easy to have a “the more, the merrier” mindset when it comes to online marketing. But bombarding potential customers is rarely the way to grow your business. Think of those late night infomercials; all they really are is repetitive and annoying, right? You want to make sure that any potential customer does not think that your company is repetitive and annoying. Customers tend to avoid those cluttered, obnoxious websites that are littered with ads, so make sure you stay off of them. There’s no point to using online marketing if anybody who could potentially see your company simple browses over you, so be careful in the way that you try and reach new customers.

Don’t Become a Social Media Nuisance 

As social media grows more and more popular and becomes increasingly relevant for Internet marketing, many companies have turned to obnoxious ways to try and grow business. It simply doesn’t work, and can even lead to lots of negative PR for your company. Never, ever use an automated bot to communicate with people who are tweeting about something relative to your company, because usually it’s easily identifiable and people become easily turned off. If you use social media, use it effectively and have an actual human being running it. Don’t just follow hashtags and reply with the same generic tweet to every person; mix it up a little bit so you have some character. There are lots of stories about companies with no idea how to use social media, and they usually end up bad.