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Here’s some humour for the week  

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Regardless of the situation always use birth control. Whoever uses the birth control has the control. You should be using birth control AND so should she. The pill is NOT the only form. There’s about 12 different forms of birth control and women cannot be allergic to all of them. If a girl is not

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Please view the excellent transcript of the Robin Good interview with Richard Stallman. The above clip is a short extract published on Youtube.  

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More examples of how not to approach business networking events. Essential networking skills are missing from these video’s. You can view more of these videos on the Kintish Youtube Channel:  

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It feels like yesterday that I met Professor Stephen Hawking in Cape Town at the AIMS 2008 graduation and the launch of the Next Einstein project. While at this event I spoke at length with Pik Both, former minister of Foreign Affairs and he related how he had met Stephen Hawking in the 1990s. And

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A question for guys and girls…. There are two girls sitting at a bar. Both are attractive. The only difference is one has natural small breasts like those of Keira Knightley (an A cup maybe smaller). The other has giant fake boobs. Which one would you take? See what we found…  

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Khaya Dlanga is probably South Africa’s top video blogger. His Youtube channel has over 10,000 subscribers. So he recently posted this awesome video about why skinny girls may have fat friends. His conclusion is that skinny girls have fat friends because it makes them feel better about themselves. On a more practical level when they

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Well up until this weekend I never heard of this guy. However, like me you it is very likely you have heard his medley of Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a wonderful world. Israel was an award winning Haywain singer who lived from 20 May 1959 to 26 June 1997. What a coincidence tomorrow is 20

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This must be one of the most amazing stories someone has lived to tell. The experience described by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is doing the rounds on the Web because of how powerfully she delivered her story at the TED 2008 Conference. For me it was a fascinating talk because it is east meets west

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This is the message that makes TED such a powerful platform. As a TEDGlobal 2007 Fellow I am still speechless when I think of the amazing opportunity of becoming a part of this community. In a strange way its a very exclusive club but it’s also making a very public impact since they started publishing