International Social Media Day 2012

International Social Media Day South AfricaSomeone once said the Geek may inherit the Earth 🙂 South African Geeks are coming out in droves on June 30, 2012 for International Social Media Day. There’s free drinks and in some cases snacks to be enjoyed with your fellow social media fanatics. Mashable a leading blog on technology and social media started International Social Media day for the last three years. This is the perfect events to meet people you’ve been following on Twitter or Facebook, and getting to know them in the real world.

Anyway here’s the most important events listed happening around South Africa. All events start 7pm, so arrive early to ensure you get the best seats in the house. Take a moment to follow the key contacts for each city as I’ve linked directly to their Twitter accounts for easy access:

  1. Cape Town Social Media Day: taking place at Fire & Ice Hotel. Contact Fatima Razzak
  2. Johannesburg 1st Social Media Day event: taking place at Nino’s Rosebank. Contact  Tallulah Habib
  3. Johannesburg 2nd Social Media Day: taking place Fire & Ice Hotel, Melrose Arch, Contact Jodene Shaer
  4. Durban Social Media Day: taking place at Livingstons Gastropub. Contact Fred Felton

You can simply show up although it helps to RSVP before hand so you can checkout who else is going. Social media is not only for geeks but everyone who enjoys using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Be sure your smartphone or iPad is fully charges because you’re bound to spend some time connecting with the people you meet, following them and asking them to follow you back.

  • When tweeting use #smday or #smdayza to localise your Twitter messages to South Africa
  • Also use #FollowSA hashtag originated by Jodene Shaer.

Before you leave, take 6 minutes and watch this video on how Social Media helped other business people grow their companies and profits.


Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

  • Thank you for the wonderful blog entry Ramon we really appreciate it.

    @Jodenecoza:twitter  is also having a huge event in Jozi as well.
    These are all part of the #smday #FollowSA Events.
    There will be loads of fun and even prizes and tweetups, contests, quizzes you name it.

    Thanks again.

    Fred Felton
    Social Media Strategist & Trainer & Speaker
    A Digital Media Agency 

    • Thanks for organising and being a part of the social media revolution in Durban

  • Thanks for this post Ramon, and for your efforts in promoting social media efforts in South Africa. I like the geek saying you started this article off with, and I giggle every time I consider it.

    Geeks certainly are sexy at the moment, and the other piece of advice I can give, in response to the tweet directed at me, is to engage in discussions in the comments of your posts. Disqus allows you to subscribe to all comments, and it will go a long way in maintaining a healthy discussion about the subject discussed.

    I’d love to read what the organisers of the Jozi, Cape Town and Durban events organised.
    And finally invite you to where I’ll show you how I’m starting, with YOU 🙂