Meeting and Dating Positive People Online

What if you had a secret? A secret so big that, when revealed, it would make your girlfriend/boyfriend pull away from you in fear of contamination. This would be a hurtful experience. However, this is what faces many HIV positive people.

To help HIV positive people find an ideal partner who shares or accepts their positive status, Ben Sassman launched The Positive Connection in September 2002, as a website dedicated to online dating for HIV positive people. Hence, there is no longer the need for HIV positive people to fear the reactions of their partner when they tell them about their status.

If you have already heard about The Positive Connection, it might be that you followed its link from Q Online at website. Or perhaps you saw Sassman being interviewed on SABC2 Morning Live and Talk Radio 702. But if you have not, until now, seen or heard of this wonderful website, read on to get the low down. A free membership is available on the online daring website, whilst R150 (in 2005) will get you a Gold Membership. You can even add a photo to your personal profile.

The Positive Connection has a holistic concern in its users. It provides users with access to experts if they require information regarding HIV-related health issues, thereby taking care of their physical well-being, not only their love lives. Sassman helps HIV sufferers also by donating 10% of the website’s profits to charity. Sassman, therefore, has created a website with a concern for being socially responsible. This is uncharacteristic for an online dating website.

What also makes The Positive Connection rise above the rest is the fact it is the only online dating website catering to HIV positive people in South Africa. This makes it, irreplaceable, a gem amongst the homogeneity of many dating websites currently available.

Anonymity is one of the features that make the internet so attractive to its users. In order to ensure this, users of The Positive Connection website have been promised by Sassman that databases containing their personal details will never be sold. This spares users the bombardment of advertising, which will undoubtedly appeal to many. However, caution should be taken, as nothing is ever entirely safe from the hackers and code-crackers of the internet, who view hacking into your ‘C-drive’ as a sport.

Speaking of sport, one could think of serial dating as a new kind of sport. It takes practice, experience and staying power if you want to succeed. Sassman’s website makes this activity a whole lot easier. He states, “Finding the right person is expensive. Two to three women out of 100 are what it comes down to from online dating”. This means that you are spared the excruciating pain and agony of sitting through dinners with people who are so ill suited to your personality. Instead of having to kiss hundreds of toads, hoping for a miracle, online and speed dating, present you with a handful of carefully selected dates that are guaranteed to be compatible.

Sassman’s website provides a ‘one-stop shop’ service for HIV positive people who are looking for love. The website eliminates the potential problems that come with revealing your status. In addition, one receives a wealth of information on HIV/AIDS. Using The Positive Connection is a truly positive, enjoyable experience!

Power to the People

Watch this to help with your HIV status. After watching this documentary call Tine van der Maas on 081 573 5594 and she will guide you on her Wellness Program.

  • Nqonqo

    I am single and lonely and need a partner to enjoy life with.I’m 29 years old female

    • raymon

      i ll like to meet you and know u better if u wouldn’t a cool learned one from a lovely home and a lovely type….u can reply to my mail add so ll talk better…….(

      • Gladdy

        How old are u.

      • Smazet

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    • sia

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    • babaki

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    • Peter

      Hi my name is Peter I am HIV+ and would like to know u

  • zae

    i have h.i.v and im very lonely.lookin 4 a female willing to get to know me .im very attractive and hispanic n black 27 in tx plz e mail me if u can help me thanks

    • roseanne

      am roseanne scotish by name.,…..i added you on my yahoo………to chat with me ( will talk better………………..

  • Veritee

    Dear Ben

    I have a HIV positive female friend who lives in South Africa and wants to find a safe online dating service in South Africa for positive people
    ( I am Female and HIV positive too, but live in the UK and like you am long married to a HIV positive man)

    But your site Positive connection seems to be the only one?
    And it is not working?

    Can you tell me if it will ever be working Or did it not work out and you have given up on this?
    and if not are there any other services she can use in South Africa?

    Thank you


    • Hey Veritee this is my blog not Ben’s website. I don’t understand what happened to his website as it’s been online for years. Anyway I have been research online dating in South Africa since 2004. I recommend you ask her to sign-up with DatingBuzz, the biggest online dating network in South Africa. They allow you to filter out people who are HIV positive or negative.

      On another note, ask her to contact Tine van der Maas, who has a wellness program where people after going on the program can test negative.

    • raymon

      add me up r(…so will talk better………

  • Veritee

    Ok sorry I was harsh in my email reply to you.

    But there are so many out there trying to exploit people with HIV.

    • LUCIA

      I am 48 year old woman a xhosa speaking who would like tp enjoy life with a good and loving partner. I am permanently employed and healthy. contact 0795654356

  • Zimbini

    My name is zimbini black xhosa,working,im hiv positive,25yrs eastern cape email add,im looking 4 sum1 willing 2 b stable en get married sumday im single

    • khaya jali

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      • Angie

        heu u can call me on 0726883377

        • Angie are you desperate enough to post your cellphone on a public website?

  • Londy

    M also positive wl like 2 get 2 knw u.m a female of 24 yrs plz email me

    • Siphiwe

      Please call we will take it from there

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  • Lwazi

    I am looking for some1 who is HIV+ & available to date & have Fun anywhere in S.A. I am currently living & working in JHB. only if u r single GOOD man.

  • trish

    hi l am 27 and positive lady looking for a man if u interested u cn email

  • Lungiswa

    Am a 31 year old lady staying in Limpopo, would love to meet someone preferable with the same status. U cn email me on

  • Ms AKL

    I am a 38 year old, healthy, independant, permanently employed female. Looking for a matured independant, healthy male over 38, in search of a long term relationship with prospects of settling down. Positive status and looking for same.

  • You emails willl be removed. This is not a online dating site, this a website review. You can try your luck on Datingbuzz by searching for HIV+ people.

  • Benedict

    31 male looking for female email

  • Petra lawil

    Am 25 female Ugandan HIV+ need a soul mate with the same status.please email me on

  • ladylove

    I wanna love n be loved bck,I’m not looking 4 a perfect relationship bt looking 4 a serious relationship.I’m 19 years old I live in durban.I want sum1 I can share my whole life with!plz hit me wth an email bt plz if only u interested if u not don’t even bother!

    • LadyLove why do you think any man will contact you without a photo? This is a website review of an online dating site. You’ll have better luck on Facebook where you can see people’s photos. Don’t waste your time or there time.

  • Angie

    I am 33 of age from Mpumalanga, Nelspruit whose hiv + would like to meet a serious partner of the same status, My name is Angie 072 6883377 my number, thnks

  • Gladdy

    I’m also positive HIV,34 of age from limpopo,I need a serious partner who is ready to to settle down and ready to love

  • Gcobisa

    Iam a 20 year old xhosa nd hiv+ female,living @ cpt m stl stdng m doing m second year nw iv gt a 3year old boy,m vry kind caring nd buetiful,i wld lyk 2 meet special person i rly need a srs relationshp thnx

  • Guest

    Hi , i cant seem to find the gaysouthafrica dot org dot za website?

    • Hey Robin contact the owners gaysouthafrica website on Tel: 012 663 2082 or PO Box 11298, Maroelana, 0161. Further I can’t help because their website is offline.

  • evelyn chifamba

    im a female 39 yrs old hiv+ looking for a man with the same status for a love crelation ship

    • Evelyn what makes you believe you’ll meet him on a website instead of through your friends?

  • abram

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