Goodnight, Seattle

This is the famous words spoken by Dr Frasier Crane played to perfection by Kelsey Grammer for the last 11 years. Besides the X-Files, Frasier was the only TV show over the last couple years I’ve always made an effort Read More →

Bill Hicks used to end his shows with this…

Life is like a ride in an amusement park and when you go on it and you think it’s real, cause that’s how powerful our minds are, and the ride goes up and down, and round and round. It has Read More →

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is one of the original comedians features in the Original Kings of Comedy along with Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac and D.L. Hughley. Like most people I really enjoy a good laugh and one of my favourite past Read More →

Norbit is another bad role model for men

Eddie Murphy plays multiple characters in a his latest comedy once again. And yes it’s about fat people. Murphy plays and Norbit, a shy, introverted orphan; Rasputia, the obese, loud-mouthed, girl who saves him from the playground bullies, and whom Read More →

Have a Heart with John Vlismas & Riaad Moosa

Damn! I booked for this event on Monday, 2 October…and now I realised I have a trip I’m going to be in Cape Town on this date.From the makers of the original Laugh Out Loud stage show comes a new Read More →