2008 MyBroadband Conference and Broadband Survey

2008 MyBroadband Conference @ VodaworldThe 2008 MyBroadband Conference will take place on 27 November at Vodaworld from 10:00 to 16:30. Thanks to the generous sponsorships from Vodacom, Axxess, Poynting, Miro Distribution, Vox Telecom and ECN Telecoms, the conference will be free to all delegates. Vodacom has even thrown in a free lunch and then drinks after the conference.

It’s easy to register for the conference, simply click on this form.

More information about the conference.

2008 Broadband Survey

It is once again time for our yearly broadband survey. You are given the opportunity to comment on the service levels and pricing offered by your broadband provider and ISP. You will also get a chance to tell your provider what they can do to improve their service, and vote for the Journalist of the Year and Mampara of the Year. Your participation is a valuable means for us to provide feedback about the state of broadband in South Africa from a consumer’s perspective, so please try to complete this survey.

Please complete this 10 minute survey.


Wantitall.co.za and UKash have partnered with MyBroadband to run a competition with R 30 000 worth of prizes over the next two weeks. What makes this competition unique is that you will select the prize/s that you want from the Wantitall store, and if you win you will get what you requested. To enter you simply need to list what you want!

For more information and to enter please follow this link.

We hope to see you at this year’s conference and we look forward to hearing back from you regarding your broadband service. Your feedback helps everyone in South Africa improve their online experience.


Leadership in a Technology Driven World

Worldwide there is a crises in education and schools and perhaps even more so in Africa. All you have to do is open any newspaper and you will read stories like this letter from a very concerned parent in the Namibian. This keynote speech was delivered to over 240 Deputy Heads of Independent Schools at St John’s College in Johannesburg. There are a number of questions that I explored in this speech for the first time.

They include:

  1. Complexity > Clarity (Paradox of Choice, etc)?
  2. Confusion > Confidence (Leadership, Wisdom, etc)?
  3. Conflict > Collaboration (Web 2.0, Open Source, etc)?

Anyway enjoy the presentation from my Slideshare.net account here:


World Wide Web Applications 2007 Conference

Today is the first day of the annual World Wide Web applications conference hosted this year by the University of Johannesburg, where I’m currently registered for a Masters in Information Science in the Department of Information and Knowledge Management. The opening address was by Prof Derek vd Merwe, Pro Vice-Chancellor.

World Wide Web Applications


Day 1 – Futurex Conference 2007 – Lauri Elliot on Stakeholder Management

Lauri worked for several Fortune 500 companies including Xerox. She discussed the importance of stakeholder management and relationships. There is a shift in power to the masses instead of the elite. And with this there is rising power in emerging markets instead of traditional markets. And as Stephen Covey once said, interdependence instead of independence is they way you create a culture of sharing and trust. What you want is partnership instead of domination; sharing instead of selfishness.

She emphasised the importance of Relationship. If your company does not manage relationships well you will fail. This is relates to key concepts from the Strategic Coach. Stakeholder management is all about managing these relationships. Instead of going into more details here please watch the video podcast interview with Lauri Elliot and see her presentation below for further details.


Day 1 – Futurex Conference 2007 – Elmar Roberg on Project Management

Elmar Roberg, a past president of the Computer Society, and current president of the Project Management Institute discusses Project Management the State of the Art.

Here is my 2nd video podcast interview with Elmar Roberg:

Elmar quoted Tom DeMarco as saying “people under pressure don’t think twice as fast.” Bad decisions are made when technology is ignored. Project Management is a young profession. And the first body was formed in 1965 is incidentally called Internet. Currently the Project Management Institute globally has over 230,000 members. Prince2 UK certification with 80,000 practitioners.

There is so many strategies and tools available in project management so if you just started using what you got you’ll be better off.

What is a Profession – initial education – accreditation of knowledge requirements – skills development – certification – licensing – professional development – professional societies – code of ethics – organisation certification.

Competence – basic knowledge set – you need to know what you are talking about. You need to have appropriate skills with years.

Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister did series of studies and one of they key findings in teams was that the strongest person is 10 times more productive than the weakest person. The weakest person from a quality perspective will produce 25 times more bugs or mistakes in their programming.


Capable project managers must be employed but just how good is your organisation as a project incubator – reference maturity models.


Elmar is a very vocal speaker generating great enthusiasm while speaking. I can tell for sure that he is very passionate about Project Management. And I would say that project management should be a compulsory course for all Computer Science and Information Systems student from first year through to third and fourth year. The benefits will be substantial in the long term with the quality of projects improving over time. This will bring us into a world class level of competitiveness when we contrast where we are compared to North America, Europe and Asia (especially India) for software development projects.

Here’s Elmar’s presentation with some more details…


Day 1 – Futurex 2007: Anthony Fitzhenry on the Technology Trends

Anthony Fitzhenry, CEO of Axiz, and IT Personality of the Year 2006, delivered the opening address at the annual Futurex Conference. The conference is co-located with the Futurex and Equip exhibition, which is possibly the biggest ICT exhibition in Africa. This is really a stunning presentation because it is about you, the consumer and eventually leads you into the opportunities for South African entrepreneurs. The biggest one in my opinion is really creating content for mobile platforms like cellphones and also developing more sophisticated applications like MXit for business or more specifically mobile commerce – allowing consumers to pay with their phones from airtime is a huge opportunity. Just think of 2.4 billion cellphones users vs 1 billion Internet users worldwide.

Here is Anthony’s presentation which you can also download from Slideshare.net. This was one of the highlights from the Futurex Conference, where most of the presentations have been sub-par, especially given the speakers are from the technology industry. This keynote for the 2007 Futurex Conference was in fact the last one where the Futurex branding was used.

And here is a my first ever video podcast with my new Sony Ericsson w880i recorded today:


2006 Star Trek Minicon in South Africa

Today I attended my 2nd Star Trek minicon in Johannesburg, South Africa. The minicon is hosted annually by Science Fiction South Africa. I’ve been a memeber since 2004 and attended a few of their events. Its a small group and the people are very friendly and on the shy, introverted side of life. That’s to be expected for the characters of these shows (except for the leader/Captain) in most cases tend to be shy, intellectual, scienctific types. I used to be shy in high school. And that really meant I was suppressing the true me. Or that I was not being true to myself. The Myers-Briggs typology test taught me that introversion just means you work best alone and you’re drained when you’re spending time with lots of people. I have discovered that I am more of an extrovert and I am operating at my peak interacting with groups of people. When I’m alone all day I can get depressed. And the best remedy here is to go to the shop and buy some bread or milk.