The Apprentice on SABC3

The Apprentice is a new reality show on SABC3 on Wednesdays from 19h30 to 20h30. It replaced the long running 2nd season of the Weakest Link, in which I starred on 12 August 2004. This show is great fun, entertainment and can teach you business savvy from one of the most succesful real estate entrepreurs in the world. Donald Trump is the executive producer of the show and the star. He appeared on the cover of the 10 May edition of Fortune magazine with the success of his new reality show. The 2004 Forbest magazine ranks him as the 74th richest American with nett worth of approximately $2.6 billion from real estate and casino’s. Also checkout NBC’s The Apprentice website if you want a sneak preview of the winner.


Interview Zooming In On Men, SABC3

Pepsi Pokana, host Zooming in on Men SABC3On Sunday, 21 September I was interviewed in a pre-recorded episode “Dating Games” for the fascinating show Zooming In On Men (ZOIM). ZOIM now in it’s 2nd season is broadcast Sundays at 4.30pm, following Car Torque, with the target market being the mature South African man – apparently the rest of the media believes we are in short supply!

Anyway this is the first television show where I was introduced as South Africa’s #1 Dating Coach aka Hitch…lol…The host Pepsi Pokana and his wife, who does the make-up, helped me relax quickly and the director, the camera crew and sound engineers have by far been the most professional I have worked with in the broadcasting industry in South Africa. I was extremly confortable before and afterwards the filming of my segment.

Melanie Son, the content producer confirmed the following transmission information:

  • Channel : SABC 3
  • Date: Sunday, 26th October 2008
  • Time: 16h30

More about this show that I highly recommend for all men. And for women who want to understand men, instead of trying to “fix” them:

Zooming in on Men is a quirky, humorous television property that is partly influenced by, but not limited to, men’s print formats like Best Life, GQ and magazines like Afropolitan, Tribute and Blaque. It is an entertaining, engaging and informative platform that moves away from being merely a lifestyle show, but rather uses topics relevant to men to create a space where “real men talk” about the variety of issues that affect, confound, inspire, anger and humour them. One of the key pillars behind this new season of ZIOM is to create a platform where we can laugh at ourselves in our exploration of the constructs of Masculinity. We discuss debate, argue, laugh and experience a range of topics ranging from the serious to the frivolous. The show, hosted by an anchor host, supported by a comedian, will be studio-based, which serves as the foundation for the show. It will be driven by the banter between our two hosts and their interaction with the various guests in studio. The space will reflect men and their interests. Each show is driven by a topic/theme, and all the elements in an episode serve to explore the relevant topic. The core of the show is the conversation between men, which will happen in our location studio.

Target Market: Urban men aged 25-40


Speed dating wasn't fast enough meeting the Baroness

There was a young man called Ramon
who was tired of being alone.
Imagine his stress
when a man in a dress
blew him kisses and followed him home.

How many of you have encountered a man dressed up like a woman? Aha! Fortunately it’s only happened once in my life ? so far.

A few years ago I attended the first ever speed dating event held in South Africa in Melrose Arch. I read on a website that an SABC3 was going to record the evening’s events. So I jumped at the opportunity to be on tv ? I mean after all who does not want to be on tv? Normally I don’t do skydiving or bungee jumping but doing this was a very big thrill for me.

How speed dating works is as follows: you normally have 10 guys and 10 girls. The girls sit down on tables and the guys rotate after 5 minutes so they are guaranteed to meet all the woman ? as you know this does not always happen in a bar.

The Baroness Coral von ReefenhausenAnyway I moved around on a few dates and low and behold I faced the Baroness. The camera crew swooped in to capture the moment. As I sat down and she/he extended her hand, ?Well, well, well… aren’t you a handsome fellow…? Why thank you was my quick reply. ?Tell me…Ramon…where would we go on a first date..,? was her next question. This is where I had to think really, really fast. ?Oh maybe we’d go on a picnic, so we have lots of time to talk and get to know each other.? Those 5 minutes felt like an eternity with the Baroness.

My next speed dating event was a huge improvement. Popular Joburg radio station 94.7 Highveld Stereo ran a special competition for Valentine’s Day 2005, which turned out to be the biggest speed dating event ever. We had over 50 people and you could smell the excitement in the air. Because of the amount of people we were split into two groups, and Fastdate, hosted the function. This lead to use being split up into two groups. Now as I entered the building going upstairs where the event was taking place. I was followed by a gorgeous girl with a big smile. She had a certain energy about her, a girly, bubbly type, which so many women over 30 seem to loose. As we reached the 2nd floor, a table full of small champagne bottles waited for us. I grabbed mine without a straw as usual. This girl, Lauren, took hers and innocently placed the straw in hers. The gas in the champagne reacted and almost like a volcano this thing erupted….”Oops! I did it again”, Was the expression on her face and she giggled her shy hello. We hit it off later on and I left the venue with a kiss and a her cellphone number tucked safely in my back pocket. So in fact I broke the rules, because I didn’t bother completing the speed dating forms, evaluating all the other women.

If you’re keen on trying speed dating start by reading my speed dating articles.


Ramon Thomas on 3Talk with Noeleen this Friday

For help on getting onto the 3Talk show, contact Urban Brew: Tel 011 781 0902, 8 Harley Street, Ferndale, Randburg.

Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu 3Talk SABC3Urban Brew, the producers of 3Talk with Noeleen called me this afternoon to invite me back onto the show for the 2nd time, this Friday, 4 May. 3Talk is a daily show that runs from 5h45pm-6h30pm every weekday on SABC3.

As you know Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu is South Africa’s answer to Oprah, the Queen of the daily talk show. The show topic: “Where are South Africans meeting their partners.

I look forward to your comments after the show on Friday. And for those interesting in hiring me as a dating coach can go here.