Using MXit on Your BlackBerry

BlackBerry Curve 9320

BlackBerry Curve 9320Even though BlackBerry has it own Instant Messaging software, 17 million MXit users make it very appealing to use the MXit application on your BlackBerry with unlimited Internet.

So, you’ve got a Blackberry and you want to MXit with your friends. Now you can – just download MXit and ‘Join the MXit Evolution’

1. To download MXit Blackberry – open your browser and type in
2. Quick and easy upgrades – registration info is captured in MXit, so it’s only one click from the WAP site when you need to upgrade.
3. Change your language as you go – this can now be done inside MXit – no need to download again. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Language.
4. No more mood swings – your mood and presence will not disappear when you log out.
5. Never be late again – check the time in your chat screen.
6. Say goodbye– set a template farewell message: Menu -> Settings -> My Profile. When you log off, this message will be sent to all the contacts you have chatted to.
7. Forward frenzy – you can now forward to a list of contacts or to a group – remember this costs 10 Moola per person.
8. Invite all your friends – send an SMS referral. Go to Menu -> contacts -> Invite via SMS. Type in the cell number and invite message. Remember, your service provider will bill you at standard SMS rates.
9. Personalise – you can load a picture as your skin background (coming soon).

source: BlackBerry Application on MXit

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Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

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  • Candice

    I am finding that i can not add a friend through my BB mxit.. I have added the nickname and even sent a sms request but nothing is happening. Please help, do I ned moola to add someone?

  • jezibelle

    why people are not expossed to new ideas

  • Elize

    I’ve downloaded mxit on my BB 9700 but can’t find the download at all………….can anyone tell me whereto is it downloaded???

  • Mark

    will be under downloaded applications

  • zulu-don

    The latest version of mxit for the bb has a lot of bugs and jams the phone 9/10. I’m using bb curve 8520 and now have opted to use version 5.8.2.

    This could be partially due to updated OS on my bb curve.

  • zelda

    I need some help with the blackberry torch on mxit I can’t use the touch screen nor the space bar on the key pad, as the cursor stays on the first letter and if I move the cursor and start typing it brings up everything that has been typed.

    • Hey Zelda, Mxit 5.9.4 doesn’t work on BlacBerry Torch 9800 but 5.9.3 works perfectly. So try that. Otherwise check with your cellphone provider what version is supported.

  • Shantal

    I can’t seem to open mxm files on mxit. Is there a reason for this?

  • Nick

    I bought the 9800 torch. Mxit 5.9.4 dont want to install, just give an code 11 error. Mxit 5.9.3 install but when opened, it just dont connect to the internet anymore. It logs in the first time but thats it. If I exit and wants to log in again, doesnt want to do a thing.

    Any help?

  • aimee

    can sum one please help me get mxit on my blackberry 8520

    • zai

      aimee is ur problem solved?

  • zai

    having da same problem ad aimee help

  • Mxit works fine on BlackBerry 8520. Please tell what specific error you’re getting. My girlfriend has been using for 2 years no problem. Remember to install from this link – If you have trouble, try older versions not the current version 6 beta.

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  • gerhard

    I have bought an bb curve 8520 and battle to get mxit working I’ve spoken to my service provider they told me that I need (bis)blackberry internet service on my bb I mean I’ve got internet and everything else work fine except mxit please help thanks regards me gerhard ps thanks

    • It does work because my girlfriend is also using 8520. Install older version of mxit. The latest one does not work well on BlackBerry. Let me know what happens.

  • Adel

    I just bought a BlackBerry 9530. Installed Mxit version 6 on my bb. Works fine, but I can’t find the camera option on my mxit. Can you please help.

  • Muller

    can anyone please help? I just got a BlackBerry 8520 and downloaded mxit but i can only sign in when i have wifi access; it says connection failed when only EDGE is on and wifi is off.