Would you rather be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Steve Jobs & Bill GatesI would rather be Steve Jobs because he’s so much cooler, so much happier, so much more inspiring. He’s Harvard University commencement address I wrote about here, is one of the deepest messages I’ve ever read and the way that Jobs described his life into three concicse lessons is powerfull and potent. One some websites about the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, ENTP (mine), Steve Jobs is listed as a famous example of this.

In the blog where I read this the famous Apple “Think Different” commercial was displayed. For some reason I cannot embed these video clips in my blog so you have to click through to YouTube to view it here. And read the full history here of this incredibly powerful message sent to me back in 1999 because the person thought I was described by these words. I will never forget this.
Anyway there’s a great article about Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates here.


Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

  • Axel

    I would be Steve Jobs because he is more inteligent and is not a copycat like Bill Gates.

  • Satan

    You realize, of course, that Jobs copied Xerox PARC’s GUI far before Bill Gates ever copied Apple, and that Bill Gates helped write the initial Apple apps. Just FYI. You’re welcome.