Ramon Thomas and John DemartiniThis weekend I attended the most incredible event of my life: Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience seminar. And I learned the most powerful transformation tool, his Demartini method; also called the Quantum Collapse process. John Demartini is a international speaker, author, trainer and consultant. He has written over 25 books and is a chiropractor by training. The amazing thing is that he is an expert on over 220 fields ranging from quantum physics, dentistry, speed reading, psychology, etc, etc. And I first came across him on the excellent and free video interview on Conscious Media Network here. His ability to synthesize it all has a profound transformative effect on my personal development.
As a long time student of physics and quantum physics myself I appreciated his powerful summary of how the universe relates to the quantum world and how this in turn relates to the human experience. In short the human experience is filled with duality based on religion, society, philosophy, morals and ethics. What I mean is they teach is good vs. bad, white vs. black (chess), religion vs. religion, man vs. woman. And for we should strive for the good and suppress the bad. This is not possible. As example within the Catholic Church you find the highest incidence of pedophilia. When you suppress sexual urges which is a normal part of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, in fact one of the most basic, it comes out in another form somewhere. We cannot escape it, ever.

Breakthrough Experience by John Demartini
At the core of the Breakthrough Experience is the Demartini method which is a series of quality questions. I found this very difficult at first. As I got into it the feelings on the extreme started to collapse and what is left is gratitude and unconditional love. This sounds new age or spiritual but its not. Completely grounded in quantum physics and the universal laws I have never encountered someone with such a fast understanding life, the universe and everything else.

The seminar cost me R5000 which I paid for with my credit card. Its was like they say, something I could not afford NOT to attend. And the ground people somewhere between 5-75 people was sufficiently interactive to really makes this a great experience. Download and listen to a free podcast interview with Dr John Demartini here.

For more detailed information please visit Dr John Demartini’s official website here.