Q&A about the Future of Social Networking
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Using Microsoft’s recent acquisition of a $240 million stake in Facebook as the point of departure: 1. What does Microsoft’s stake in Facebook practically translate into for the company? And for the site’s users? Facebook now has a partner who can fund further expansion and growth as the need arises. Microsoft gains a very strong

Bobby Fischer, chess legend and badboy RIP
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Most you have likely never heard of Bobby Fischer. Well lets recap why he’s an hero of mine… Bobby Fischer is the 1st and only American to win the World Chess Champion. He has been described as having a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and even comparisons with other geniuses like Beethoven. Recognised a child

Deleting my MySpace profile and loosing faith in Facebook
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There is a idea that I know is true. That idea is that I prefer to speak to a friend face to face. Maybe over a cafe latte or a glass a wine. Why do I prefer this type of interaction over social networking? Because I can SEE the person, I can READ their body

The Future Doesn't Need Us: Web 3.0 the Good and the Bad
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First the good: Along with automation, customisation of content will continue to be refined and personalised. This is best illustrated by the Orwellian future vision in the Epic 2014 video clip: Maybe the biggest gold rush for the next 100 years is the integration of the Web with the human mind. Sony has already taken

Al Ries on why the iPhone will fail because it’s a convergence device
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This is hilarious to watch even a year after it was originally posted because the Apple iPhone is not coming to South Africa. What makes this valuable is the great overview of his concept of divergence and how he applies it the technology industry and specifically the cellphone industry. In the words of Al Ries

KAIROS – Where Time and Destiny meets
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Now and again we stand in front of a crowd to do a little motivation! But what do you do when there is just nothing left – and all these words fly by – like a super highway? What works for me is – You know when you look back on your life and certain

Give an A
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Have you ever felt that doing your best is just not good enough? That the effort and dedication you have put in is not recognised by your manager, team or even in your personal life by your partner? I think we all do at some stage…. You are your own worst critic. We constantly compare