A Question from a Reader:

Hola Ramon! I got a few problems regarding my new blogging and email site, 24.com, which I struggle just to open my emails both on my phone, using Opera Mini, and on my PC, which I understand is way slow to connect to the ‘net even when I use Opera(which is faster than Windows Explorer) because the phone I use(as a modem) to connect is not that fast because it’s only 3G, not HSDPA. It was even slower when I was trying to open my emails at Gmail that it ate all my airtime up and the computer even told me ”you are using a slow internet connection”. But some webpages are a bit faster, like GSM Arena and Webmail. I can’t edit anything on the page because in my opinion my phone is not a smartphone (Nokia 6234 S40v3) which(smartphones) can view and edit PDF files and Microsoft Office documents. Anyway I’m still working on it and I sure will talk to you soon. Thanx for the letter

My Response…

I do not recommend you blog from your phone for now because of the constraints in the user interface, the cost of 3G and airtime. Rather go to a cheap internet cafe (like those in Braamfontein) or others that charge as low as R5 per hour. You can blog and browse to your hearts content from there. However, if you have a smart phone with a full keyboard you could try do so.

Anyway here’s an excellent how-to guide to mobile blogging from David Davies.