The Fairy Godmother's Guide To Getting What You Want by Donna McCallumThe title of this book is so delicious I didn’t bother coming up with a different title for this blog post. I’ve know Donna McCallum for some time now and we’ve both been to each other’s workshops. This was actually one of the best lines for me at her book launch party because the reaction I got from the other guests were awe and surprise. Who is this guy who Donna went to for advice 😉 After all she’s the fairy godmother, and she makes your dreams come true. Well at one point I felt that describing myself as a blogger or trainer of bloggers will spoil the social interaction. After how many bloggers are nerds or geeks with no social skills? Plenty.

So who is the Fairy Godmother? Well Donna McCallum is a former advertising guru turned human potential guru. Maybe that’s taking it too far. However, Donna has an excellent grasp of the principles behind movies like The Secret and the works of people like Dr John Demartini and his mentor Dr Wayne Dyer. She makes the idea of manifesting your dream fun and exciting. And she has very practical strategies by which this is achieved.

Some time ago I was invited to attend her Dream Mapping workshop with a view of me writing a review on this as I had done so for Dr Demartini’s Speed Reading and Breakthrough Experience workshops. Anyway I never got around to writing that review. However, the success of the Fairy Godmother’s book launch is the simply the best book launch I have ever attended. The location was the amazing Zenatude restaurant / conference centre in Rivonia. And the team of people who were hosting the event and supporting Donna was simply outstanding. You could feel her personal magical fairy dust was sprinkled all around the venue. The people were all friendly and inspired by their experiences with Donna, or their friends who dragged them along to meet Donna.

When we first met I did the DOS Worksheet with Donna. This is a process of establishing a context to a relationship based on the principles from Dan Sullivan, founder of the Strategic Coach. I had been on a once-off whole day workshop with Strategic Coach in 2006. Anyway Donna told me that one of her goals using the R-Factor question was to have a book published. And therefore reaching more and more people she cannot reach through her workshops.

Maybe the thing that stood out the most was the interactive nature of this book launch. There was a room dedicated to the body, the mind and the soul. There was two testimonials by people who have been on her Dream Mapping workshop. And there was an active involvement from the audience as each part of the evening unfolded. When I get down to reading her book, I will publish my review on this blog and on as I normally do. The best part of this interaction was ultimately the very personal touch that was consistently reinforced by the organisers. I doubt they could have chosen a better venue. And I know that this book will become a best seller in South Africa. It’s what we’ve been waiting for in this Rainbow Nation, so we have some sign-posts to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that is within our hearts. As many gurus including Jesus said, the kingdom of God is within you. When you begin to realise that your Wildly Improbably Goals (WIG) is within reach, you become a new person, a new soul, a new life traveller. And you realise we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. Dreaming is part of what makes us human beings. And we should never underestimate the power of dreams.