Robin Banks motivational Speaker in South AfricaToday I am sharing an important message from my fellow motivational speaker, Robin Banks. A few years ago I attended one of his free Mind Power workshops and was completely blown away by his confidence and ability to get people excited. He has an incredible way of creating high energy experiences similar to Tony Robbins. Anyway in 2007 we met while both of us attended Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience.

Here’s the message from Robin Banks:

We are less than 8 days away from the beginning of one of the most exciting events this country has ever experienced and it’s absolutely awesome to feel the buzz in South Africa. The roads are coming together nicely, our airports are world class and I honestly believe we are ready to host an Outstanding Worldcup!

I have had the privilege of working with ACSA (Airports Company South Africa), preparing all the airport staff to give the world the most Awesome South African welcome. I have seen many of the countries stadiums and travel to most cities on a regular basis, so I speak from personal experience when I say, ”We are Ready” and I am Proud of my country. Everywhere you go there are South African flags being flown, my car has mirror flags and two on the back windows as well. If you haven’t got flags I would strongly encourage you to get behind our country and buy some. You can go into any Mini dealership and they will give you mirror flags for free. Don’t procrastinate, Just Do it!

Probably the greatest honour for me at the moment is that I am working with the National Team, Bafana Bafana, in preparation for their World Cup tournament. I am running a Mind Power course with them and it’s amazing to see the confidence and assurance it is giving them. I honestly believe we have the ability to be one of the surprising teams of the world cup and I’m gonna do my best to get them to believe that anything is possible. How awesome was it to witness the Bulls and the Stormers playing in Orlando stadium, with Vuvuzela’s pumping, to see Afrikaners go into Soweto and have a blast, celebrating with black South Africans as One Nation, the energy in the country is electric and anything’s possible when we are united.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie Invictus, you simply must. I have called M-Net and asked them to please screen it so that all south Africans can see it before we go into this World Cup. When you see that movie it’ll remind you that we achieved the impossible, in 1994 it was believed that we didn’t have a chance of winning the World Cup, Nelson Mandela called Francois Pienaar into his office and told him we need to win the World Cup as it would bring this country together like never before and that’s exactly what happened.

Well I believe we are standing on the precipice of change yet again, and we don’t need a Nelson Mandela, we need 100 000 Nelson Mandela’s. Leaders see possibilities where others don’t, Martin Luther King believed that one day America would judge a man by the content of his character, not by the colour of his skin, and they did, Ghandi believed that India would be freed without violence and it was, Nelson Mandela believed this country would be free and it is, he also believed we could win the Rugby World Cup and we did.

So my invitation to you today is to step up and be one the leaders in our country, be one of the 100 000 who believe. When enough of us believe in the vision it becomes possible. Whilst there are no guarantees, everything starts with a thought and I believe we are standing in a field of endless possibilities. No matter what happens, may we all give our best.

So for those of us who have Mind Power, let’s use it for the good of our country. I have an affirmation which I have taught to all the airport staff and to the national team, but it would be awesome to have you as an experienced Mind Power graduate on board. Your energy and understanding of these principles brings substance and experience, which will be the high octane fuel to push us over the edge. I would be honoured and appreciative if you would join me in doing a 5 minute affirmation everyday till the 11 July 2010 when we reach the climax of this magnanimous event.

The Affirmation is:

I am Proudly South African

Feel the Rhythm

Hear the Beat

We are Winning Nation!

It would be great to know how many of you are on board and I hereby request that you reply to this email if you’ll be joining us, so we can count you in. What an Awesome time to be alive and to be in South Africa, we are truly blessed to be here at this juncture, may we shine as individuals and as a collective and may we show the world that the Real South Africa is “Alive with Possibility!”

Don’t Forget to be Awesome!