LinkedIn is the global leader in online business networking. In 2011, the company successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and announced it has over 120 million active users. According to some reports there are more than 1.1 million South African business people using LinkedIn and the growth continues.

Business networking has never been more critical as more and more people are trying to find the right business partners, the right staff or the right leadership. Your LinkedIn Coach is a valuable partner to sidestep the complexity or confusion when trying to navigate the social media landscape. One of the strengths of LinkedIn is how it empowers your company to avoid the lengthy recruitment process, and is some respects avoid using recruitment companies completely. When you find you are ready to start using LinkedIn in your business, engaging with a top LinkedIn coach helps to accelerate the advantages you can derive from using this social network.

In today’s modern business environment, great emphasis must be placed on business intelligence to stay competitive. You can spend hours researching, reading article after article, report after report, without finding the right sources of intelligence you need to make a decision. With a professional network of contacts organised with help from LinkedIn, half your problems disappear. You can easily reach out to your network via a status update, or via a participating in a closed industry specific group, and gain valuable information and help from your peers.

Professionals worldwide have banded themselves into a structure using LinkedIn, like a global network, with the main aim of exchanging business intelligence among them. It is a common fact that information is doubling at a more rapid pace as each year goes by. This private business network, allows you to tap into the combined resources of your peers without leaving your office. This site is so enormous that there is a need for a Linkedin Coach to guide you on how to use this giant website as a source of knowledge or a vehicle for disseminating information.

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