Yesterday TED Conferences announced the launch of “TED Ed”. This is new series of talks focussed on education. As regular readers no this blog knows, our focus at the Ramon Thomas Training Corporation is directly related to education. Over the last 5 years we have spoken at over 200 schools and conferences across South Africa. We are passionate about teaching teacher, training teenagers, promoting possibilities and expanding entrepreneurial thinking.

The premise of the video below is based on unanswerable questions. We don’t agree with this entirely. Dan Sullivan says, a person is mature once they realise knowing what questions to ask is more important than having all the answers. So maybe TED is asking the wrong questions to start with. Just on the first two questions, there are thousands of scientists who can answer #1. We are also aware of a dozen or more experts who’ve written books about alien contact. This group in particular may fall outside what is considered mainstream science or academics.

As South Africa seeks to improve it’s education system from the tangled web weave, we full endorse the TED Ed program and look for to sharing ideas from this platform with our loyal readers. Watching TED videos makes it clear that the world is flat. You can enhance your own understanding of the world and the universe we live in with this wonderfully presenter lectures from the world’s leading technology, entertainment and designers.

Anyway they posted this announcement on their blog:

This morning, we’re thrilled to introduce TED-Ed — a resource of short lessons designed to spark curiosity and promote further learning in and out of classrooms. Watch our introductory video above … read Chris Anderson’s personal note … and watch for more news and video throughout the day.

  1. Question: How many universes are there?
  2. Question: Why can’t we see evidence of alien life?

Read the story behind the TED-Ed launch on Chris Anderson’s personal blog