Internet cafe business 2010 workshops schedule

Ramon Thomas teaching Internet Cafe workshops in JohannesburgThis announcement is two years overdue. So I apologise to my loyal readers who have persisted in asking me about past Internet Cafe workshops. This is what you have been waiting for!

NETucation is South Africa’s leading experts on the Internet Cafe industry, and we are the only organisation to conduct training on how to set-up the Internet Cafe from scratch. These workshops are conducted only twice per annum because it is a very specialised course an curriculim we follow that is updated on annual basis to take all Internet and broadband trends into consideration.

Cybercafe workshops are design to help entrepreneurs with no knowledge of the Internet or small business enter this sector of the Internet industry.

We are proud to announce the 2010 workshop schedule in association with:

Yusuf Mahomedy regularly writes for The Star Workplace and HR Future on employment and jobs. He will teach all the basics of moving from employment to self-employed and running a business that employs people. He also co-presented the previous workshop with us in 2008. And we have also recruited Thuto Moshile, the owner of the largest network of Internet Cafes in the Vaal Triangle. While we focus on the Internet business strategies, computer hardware, networking equipment and software for time management, billing and point of sale solutions.

There will be an interactive Q&A section for all delegates irrespective of your background, skills or experience in this industry. So feel free to post comments below with all your questions before hand and we will answer them in detail. Also bring along any documentation like business plans or application forms for government funding.

What is this training worth to you? This workshops covers the following and more:

  • Small business basics
  • Bookkeeping, Tax, UIF, hiring employees
  • Government funding vs loans
  • Internet Cafe location planning
  • Computer Hardware renting or buying, technical support, becoming a reseller
  • Internet Cafe software, Point of Sales (POS), CRM sales software to track clients
  • Direct marketing strategies with flyer’s, SMS, etc
  • Staff training
  • Billing & Time management strategies
  • VOIP set-up and packages
  • Wireless hotspots
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Business plan basics
  • Q&A about your situation, your location
  • Google, Websites, Online marketing

You save hundreds of hours of research because we have done that already for you. You receive my recommendations on all hardware and other equipment from preferred suppliers; and what we go into detail on what Internet Service Providers to use because we have evaluated the options to gain the best price/performance ratios. Translated this could save you tends of thousands of Rand, which can be better spent on your own training and marketing. You can get going much quicker after this workshop, and you will have more confidence in the success of your new small business venture. We are here to help you have more freedom, more flexibility, more cash flow and create jobs while uplifting your communities, increasing Internet literacy in your region, and giving the people cheaper, faster and quicker access to the world through the Web, email, VOIP and online social networking.



Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

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  • Benedict

    I am interested in this internet cafe course and please book me. Also advice me of the progress of my booking.

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  • Hi,I would like to allways be updated on latest news about the industry of Internet cafe.And,I also want to know how to attent the workshops.0713966606

    • Hey Moses I have emailed you my last newsletter announcing the Internet Cafe workshops.

  • I want to register will u please furnish me with necessary registration documents

    • Hey Themba there is no special registration documents. You already sent me the SMS, I replied with my bank account details. When you made the payment and invoice will be sent to you via email or given to you on the day of the workshop. Please follow the instructions above. Unless they are not clear give me a call on 082 940 7137.

  • Mandisi Ntauzana

    I’m very interested in the workshop, is there though a place on this site were you recommend Billing and time mamagement systems for internet cafes?
    or any other softwares that can help run the internet cafe with ease especially in the township?

  • Mandisi Ntauzana

    Sorry Mr Thomas you might get annoyed by me because i tend to ask alot of Qz that i think might help me and clarify some of the things which most people overlook.
    I wanna join this industry and bring something new.
    So i hope you help, i have alot of Qz and if possible can i give you a call?

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  • Dear Ramon,

    I am alos interested in opening a cafe where I am staying. Would you book me in and will make the poayment by thrursday if that wont be let I hope??


    • The Gauteng Internet Cafe workshop has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances. The new date is Thursday, 18 March. Same venue: Sandton Library. This will allow me to give you a much better experience because I missed my flight back to Johannesburg on Sunday past. This mistake has put me under tremendous amount of pressure. Some invoices has been sent.

      And for anyone who’s booked and paid. If you are unable to make the new date, you can either request a refund or allow me to schedule a special training session just for you. The two delegates from Durban, I’m even willing to travel to Durban and do your training their to make it up you.

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  • Nyameka Mahlangeni

    How do I confirm attendance? I want to attend workshop

    • This workshop has been moved to 18 March 2010. Same venue.

  • fanafikile Lephakha

    Hi Mr Ramon

    I am also working on starting a internet cafe in Free State QwaQwa and i would like to attend your workshop but due to my current financial standing i am unable to attend. But i am very interested in these workshops and i really dont mind paying for such great advice. My numbers are 078 306 3568, for any future works shops please inform me.

    Fanafikile Lephakha

  • Micheal

    Hi Ramon,this is Michael I called you on 04/03/2010, regarding the internet cafe workshop so could you please send me your banking details where I have to deposit the R1000 for the attendance of this workshop

    Thank you and looking forward to gain a lot of knowledge rergading the internet cafe workshop from you.

  • Kagiso

    Hi Ramon. I was wondering if by any chance you would have recorded videos for the workshop that I can buy after the workshop since i won’t be able to make it on the 18th

    • Yes, there will be DVDs on sale afterwards. The price and ordering information will be posted next week Monday after the workshop this Thursday. Any questions? Call me directly on 082 940 7137.

  • Ninie

    Hi, We are also interested in setting up an internet cafe business, how can we obtain the workshop DVD’s and how much do they cost?

  • jim

    hi, i m inteested, and i m staying around jhb. i m a very business minded young man.

  • Mandlakayise kubeka

    ramon hi. i would like to know as to when the next workshop is and how are the payments made, plz email me back asap.. much appreciated !

  • I regret we no longer offer these workshops and will be removing this information from this website. Please contact SEDA or NYDA for any assistance.

  • Lerato Tsoela

    very much intereted in this course and would to be part of the training in 2011. please send me details of the course and the fees and duration of the course

  • Tania Moleko

    When are you going to have these workshops again

    • We are planning one for Feb 2012 in Cape Town. The booking information will be published before Christmas. Don’t worry I will announce it via email to all people who have posted comments here.