Interview on Chai FM, Jewish community radio station

[NB! I often receive phone calls or emails from people thinking this website is Chai FM. Please contact them directly via their websitebecause I was only a guest on the radio station a few times.]

Today I received an invitation to do my first interview with this new Jewish community radio station next week 10, Tuesday, 23 December 2008. We will be discussing what technology is popular among children, why it’s so popular and coping strategies for Jewish parents and families in general. The big take away for me learning about diverse South African groups is how strong families are in some and weak in others.

While doing my own background research I came across this promo video for the brand new Chai 101.9 FM Johannesburg, South Africa, a 24 hour a day Jewish radio station!

“Chai Fm is a Jewish community radio station broadcasting to the greater Johannesburg area on 101.9fm. The station is talk format with 20% Jewish music. Programming is determined by community research and reflects the diverse views of the community. Based on “Tools for Life”, Chai Fm provides programming that is informative, educational, entertaining and relevant to the community.

The objectives of Chai FM are to: Unite the Jewish community, to build the connection between the community and the land of Israel, to reflect ourselves to ourselves and to provide programming that is relevant, informative, intelligent, honest, engaging, reflects a diversity of views and is entertaining.

Chai FM is for all the Jews of Johannesburg, irrespective of observance levels, age, gender, race or financial status.

“The station aims to provide a platform for debate and a diversity of opinion” says Kathy Kaler, a director of Chai FM. She adds: “It’s so easy to think that our communities are insular and we can forget we are each part of a greater “whole”.

Chai FM was granted a community broadcasting licence in June 2007 and will begin broadcasting in September 2008.

Source: Teruah blog.


Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

  • my wife wants to donate money re todays ptogram to the jewish agency. please give name of org to which rhe money can be given.
    its a great radio station. we dont listn to the sabc radios any more


    Hi Kathy,
    You have a great radio station, thanks. I listen mainly in the car. It would be great if you can put contact details of the organizations you talk with for that day on your website for a couple of days, as cannot write while driving.

    I usually do not like talk Radio, prefer music. I must say I have found your interviews great and interesting, do not know how you find the right topics.

    Good luck with the station, I am sure it will grow from strength to strength, just what the community needed.

  • Wendy Tomaselli
    Do you have advertisers on your radion station, and if so what are your rates. I have a Diet Clinic and would be interested in either advertising or doing a talk on your station.