Imagine a world without Social Networking

Imagine there’s no Facebook It’s easy if you try No “Friends” or “Status” No pages you can “Like” Imagine all the people Living yesterday… Imagine there’s no Linkedin It isn’t hard to do No “Add connections” No “People you may Read More →

15 Minutes with Ramon Thomas

This interview was compiled for a weekly feature in the Daily Dispatch newspaper in East London: Online behaviour expert Ramon Thomas talks to the Dispatch about technology and how it affects you.¬†Profiles will appear at Q: YOU describe yourself Read More →

Worm attacks Facebook, MySpace users running Microsoft Windows

Gareth Roberts, a new member of the team here at NETucation,¬† alerted me to a new computer worm that attacks Facebook and MySpace users. One very important piece of information left out of most of the news reports on News24 Read More →

Where is Facebook in the workplace?

Facebook is a social networking website dedicated to user-generated content and global connectivity. At its heart is the individual user, who creates a profile and then searches for friends already on the network. Complements to that initial concept include groups Read More →

When Mom or Dad Asks To Be a Facebook 'Friend'

Matt, 17, and Bob Florian both use Facebook, and Bob Florian knew that his son might have doubts about becoming his Facebook friend. (By Susan Biddle — The Washington Post) Comments that include profanity or personal attacks or other inappropriate Read More →

Bill Gates asks a question on LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn has recently upgraded it’s home page and functionality to be more inline with the competition like Facebook. However, I’ve never really perceived Facebook as direct competition for LinkedIn because they focus on different markets completely. As you may know Read More →